Top 10 Posts On Cooking LSL For 2016


Top 10 Posts On Cooking LSL For 2016


2016 Has been a great year for cooking LSL!

An year of achievements. A very busy year.

I can’t believe I’m writing that. I did stick to my plan for this year, but let me tell you, it was a little hard to do it.

I was pregnant for a good part of the year, so making plans and following them was difficult.

Then I had my son. This was the most amazing experience in my life. Everything else was on a stand by after he was born. Of course I was still able to manage life and work (because this is just how I am), but life has changed forever.

But of course I’ll continue to follow my passion and work on my blog!

I’ll be focusing on more healthier, easy and quick family meals.


Let’s see what 2017 brings us.

Here are the top recipes for 2016.

It seems like you liked my macarons.

And cheesecake bars.

Zucchini of course!

There was a grilling overload last summer and you happened to like my grilled octopus. Potatoes – I cook them at least twice a week and there are some delicious potato recipes coming in 2017.

Hope you stick around! Have a great rest of the year!

  1. Blood Orange Cheesecake Squares



2. Chocolate Macarons With Chocolate Peppermint Ganache



3. Classic Lemon Bars With Shortbread Crust



4. Easy Grilled Octopus



5. Grilled Potato Salad With Feta Vinaigrette



6. Tiramisu Macarons




7. Vanilla Bean Cheesecake With Bischoff Cookie Crust



8. Oven Baked Zucchini And Feta Cakes


9. Zucchini Pizza Crust



10. Garlic Parsley Smashed Small New Potatoes