Miso Salmon With Cold Marinated Asparagus Recipe

 Miso Salmon With Cold Marinated Asparagus Recipe – simple Asian flavors in this delicious and elegant dish.


Salmon – one of my favorite and the easiest to cook (to me) kinds of fish.

Often times, when I cook salmon, I only use salt and pepper to season it. It the fish is good quality, this is all it needs.

But often times I see recipes for glazed salmon and I’m excited to try them! The truth is that my husband doesn’t like glazes on his salmon, that’s why I rarely make it this way.

I’ve been curious to glaze some salmon with miso paste. It turned out delicious!


I usually cook salmon fillets in a pan on the stove top, because it is so mush easier and it can easily get crispy on the outside.

I don’t like it baked in the oven. I do like grilled salmon, but often times I make it too dry on the grill. My grill gets really hot in no time and it makes it difficult to grill fish fillets, unless they are in foil.


I love the simple Asian flavors in this dish! So flavorful and very easy to make!

Miso paste is fermented soybean paste that has rich and savory flavor. There are different kinds of miso – from white, to red or deep brown. The lighter the color the less rich the flavor. Because I cooked fish, I decided to go with white miso paste, which has milder flavor. I got mine at my local Japanese store.

I served the miso glazed salmon over cold marinated asparagus. These asparagus are a great canape for any fish or meat. They require minimal effort to prepare, taste fresh and have a great crunch!

This Miso Salmon With Cold Marinated Asparagus is the perfect weeknight dinner, ready in 30 minutes.

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