Why We Love Potbelly

Hey guys! There is no recipe today. But I’m excited to share with you Why We Love Potbelly.

If you don’t know, Potbelly is a Sandwich Shop Chain that was founded in Chicago, but now also available in other states.

Why We Love Potbelly

And Potbelly is a place where I go at least once a week.

It is usually on a busy day, when I go out to run errands and simply have no time to have lunch.

Often times, when I’m by myself (or with my son), I’ll order a sandwich and eat it in the car.

This is how much I love their food!

I’m a huge fan of their sandwiches and can eat them every day.

Warm & Toasty Sandwiches using ingredients prepared fresh in a shop, that Potbelly hand slices their meats & cheeses and that Potbelly bakes cookies fresh each morning.

Everything there is so good!

Why We Love Potbelly

I took my son for his first swimming class the other day.

He had a great timee, loved playing in the water with other babies.

I loved it, too, but got a little tired and hungry afterwards.

Since it was a mid morning class, it was time to get some lunch after that.

My husband was with us (he needed to take our “pool photos”), so we headed over to our local Potbelly Sandwich Shop (5 minutes away from my house and 10 minutes away from the pool).

Why We Love Potbelly

While in the car, I ordered our sandwiches using Potbelly’s new app.

This is so cool! So much fun and very convenient. I knew what we were getting so it took me 2 minutes to download it, order and pay for my order. Everything was ready for us to pick up by the time we got to the shop.

Just jump the line, grab the bag and go!

Why We Love Potbelly

This experience saved me so much time ordering, staying in line and of course cooking lunch. We got home, put the baby for a nap and I was able to have some rest, too!

Potbelly Perks is a benefit of the app. For every $2 spent, you earn “smiles” towards Potbelly Perks including tasty treats and exclusive tastings.

You’ll get a free sandwich if you buy five sandwiches within the first five weeks – I’m definitely getting one, because as I said I go there at least once a week.

Click here to download the Potbelly Sandwich Shop App. It is so easy to use, you can order a pick up or even delivery through it.

Hope you get to try Potbelly Sandwiches, if you haven’t already.

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