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These turkey sandwiches with blueberry mayo are super easy to make and combine wonderful sweet and savory flavors. This post is sponsored by Honest Cooking. All opinions are mine alone. #littlechanges #themerryberry


Quick lunch, light meal on the go or even party food – sandwiches are so versatile! And in my opinion, they should always be easy to make, packed with simple wholesome ingredients.

It has been a while since last time I had a turkey sandwich. I usually eat a lot of turkey around the winter holidays, (I don’t even know why?), but it could definitely be consumed year-round and it is a great source of protein (just watch the sodium content).

Slice these sandwiches into small bite sized pieces and they will be the perfect addition to a holiday party platter. You can even make them with left over turkey from Thanksgiving.

If you have been following my blog for a while, you know that I absolutely love blueberries. I add them to sweet or savory dishes and smoothies.

I decided to experiment a little and add blueberries in the form of blueberry mayo to these turkey sandwiches. The result was fantastic! Slices of dense pumpernickel bread with light, slightly sweet blueberry mayo, oven roasted low sodium turkey breast and some fresh lettuce. My family loved the idea of blueberry mayo.


It all starts with the blueberry sauce. This sauce could be used in desserts, drinks, to spread over toast or pancakes. I mixed it with some light mayo and used it in the sandwiches. It was made with frozen blueberries – how convenient? Unlike other berries, blueberries are available year-round, in the frozen and fresh produce sections.

Blueberries are a fun, simple-to-use and versatile food that adds a spirit of creativity to nearly any dish. Whether you use them in a rub, stuffing, in a cocktail, or cook them down into a sauce, they add a boost of health and excitement to any dish they meet.

Then I was given the opportunity by the Blueberry Council to share a savory recipe, which features frozen blueberries, these sandwiches came to my mind! And of course the simple blueberry sauce, which is a staple in my kitchen.


If you decide to include these sandwiches in your holiday menu, I promise you – your family and guests will be impressed! Frozen blueberries – it’s a little change that adds extra flavor and will have guests thinking that the host spent a lot of time in the kitchen, when in reality, adding blueberries is simple.

To get the full recipe for these Turkey Sandwiches With Blueberry Mayo, please click here.

And make sure you enter the U.S. Blueberry Council’s sweepstakes here, for a chance to win $500.

This is a sponsored post by the U.S. Blueberry Council and Honest Cooking. All blueberry-loving opinions are 100% my own, as always. Thank you for supporting the brands that help make this site possible.


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  1. I love using up leftover turkey from Thanksgiving and making sandwiches. In fact, I actually like them better than the actual turkey on ‘turkey day’ πŸ˜‰ And the blueberry mayo looks wonderful – such a gorgeous color! Pinning for my after holiday sammy.

  2. Turkey and cranberry is such the rage, but this blueberry mayo may give that a run for it’s money! This sounds really delicious and that color is so pretty!

  3. Blueberry mayo, that’s totally new to me, but I can imagine it must taste really good with the turkey. Delicious sandwich idea Mira!

  4. I look forward to all the leftover turkey every year because I LOVE making turkey sandwiches!!!! I LOVE this blueberry mayo!!! oh my gawd, such a GREAT idea!!!

  5. I’ve gotta agree with your family, Mira that blueberry mayo sounds amazing! Such a brilliant idea, BTW!

  6. Blueberry mayo sounds fabulous, Mira. Love that beautiful pink color. Sandwich looks awesome Mira! πŸ™‚