Snack Brighter Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Frozen Bars

Snack Brighter Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Frozen Bars – sweet and fresh, ready in 5 minutes. All you need to do is get some Outshine Fruit Bars and melt chocolate.


It is the end of summer and I can’t believe it! This summer was short! But I really love the end of summer! The weather is still in the lower 80-s around here. Of course it gets colder at night, but during the day it is pretty awesome!

Even though I still haven’t gotten back to my workout routine (and I don’t even know when I’ll do!), I love taking my dog and baby for long walks! This keeps me energized!


After a walk, I get myself have a delicious frozen treat like an Outshine Bar! I always have some of these in my freezer! And I love both the fruit and yogurt bars.

You can find these in most grocery stores. Click here for a store locator.

They are made with real fruit juice and non-GMO ingredients.


When I really want to make my life brighter, I’ll dip a bar into melted chocolate. The taste is amazing! This is what I did yesterday – dipped an Outshine Strawberry bar into melted chocolate and added a chocolate covered strawberry on top. It turned into a cute mini dessert!


Make sure you check out Outshine’s Instagram page for beautiful pictures and ways to enjoy their snacks. This will definitely help you #SnackBrighter.

Excuse the way I look (tired!), but this was a typical weekday of a new mom!


Would you like to try Outshine Fruit Bars? Besides Strawberry, they also come in other flavors like -pineapple, mango, raspberry and lime.


Snack Brighter Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Frozen Bars


1 cup semi-sweet or dark chocolate chips1 tbsp coconut oil6 Strawberry Outshine Fruit Bars6 fresh strawberries


Melt chocolate chips and coconut oil over a double boiler.Dip the tops of frozen bars into chocolate.Dip strawberries into chocolate and add a strawberry to each bar.Freeze for 15 minutes, then consume.