Bulgarian Easter Bread Kozunak

Sweet Traditional Bulgarian Easter Bread Kozunak, stringy texture and amazing flavor.


Sweet Easter Bread

Happy Friday everyone!

I know it is the perfect time for St. Patrick’s Day in the food blogging world, but unfortunately I don’t have any to share. At least, not yet!

I do have a sweet bread recipe, one of my favorite baked goods for Easter, which is less than a month away, just to remind you.

As some of you might already know, I was born in Bulgaria and like to share recipes from back home from time to time. I often get hesitant to post recipes, that use yeast, not that it is too difficult to work with it, but it does require patience. I would hate for anyone to waste any ingredients and will try to give some detailed instructions.

The dough for this sweet Easter bread could be made in in a bread machine, unfortunately I don’t own one…

Kozunak (also called Kozonak or Kozounak) is a sweet Bulgarian bread, often made for Easter. It is also popular in Romanian, French or Italian cuisines, under different names. It is similar to Italian Panettone.

Made with milk, flour, sugar, eggs, oil  (or melted butter, I just prefer the texture when made with oil) and lemon zest (in Bulgaria), it has a unique flavor and ad stringy texture. Raisins, walnuts or chopped dried apricots are often added to the dough. This time I did not add anything to the dough, but you can do it after the dough rises.

I’m not gonna lie, the smell of this bread brings sweet memories from my childhood, but I’ve been making it pretty often, not just for Easter. Excuse its look, I’ve made better ones, but this one was delicious!



Tastes great with Nutella or jam in my opinion. Enjoy it with a cup of coffee or tea. Leftover slices can be used to make french toast of bread pudding.

Have a great weekend! It is supposed to be in the low 50s next week in the Chicago area, so I’m very excited, if that turns out to be true!


Bulgarian Sweet Easter Bread Kozunak

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