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Servings: 20

Red Pepper And Tomato Spread Lutenitsa Recipe

Prep Time:
1 hr
Cook Time:
1 hr 30 mins
Total Time:
2 hrs 30 mins
Red Pepper And Tomato Spread Lutenitsa Recipe - traditional Bulgarian treat, a type of chutney, made with roasted red peppers, tomatoes and carrots and eggplant at times. This tasty spread is popular on the Balkans - Bulgaria, Serbia and Macedonia (with slight variations and other names on a few other surrounding countries, but this is a completely different story).
Homemade red pepper spread recipe. 8 oz ball jars filled with red pepper tomato spread lutenitsa. Bulgarian lutenitsa recipe.
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  • 4 lb red peppers
  • 2 lb ripe tomatoes
  • 80 ml vegetable oil
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 1 tbsp salt


  1. Wash peppers and tomatoes.

  2. Grill or roast peppers until charred. Transfer to a large bowl and cover with plastic wrap. Let them stand for at least 30  minutes, to cool off and steam.

    Peel peppers. Remove stems and seeds.

  3. Bring a large pot of water to a boil.

    Make a small cross cut on the bottom of each tomato.

    Add tomatoes and boil for 1 minute. Take them out and rinse with cold water.

    Peel tomatoes and roughly chop.

  4. In a large pot, combine tomatoes, salt, sugar, oil and peppers. Cook over medium heat for 1 1/2 -2 hours, until thick. (to test doneness, when using a wooden spoon, scrape the bottom of the pot and the lutenitsa shouldn't be moving to the inside).

    Remove from heat and let it cool.

  5. Wash 5 8-oz ball jars and rheir lids.

  6. Fill jars with lutenitsa. Close tight.

    Keep in the fridge for up to 10 days or sterilize (can) to preserve for longer.

To sterilize:

  1. Fill a canning pot with water. Add jars. Boil for 5 minutes, then let them cool. Keep in a cool and dry place for up to 6 months.

Recipe Notes

I'm not an expert in sterilizing.
I've gotten some comments regarding how unsafe it is to sterilize for 5 minutes.
For best results, please follow the guidelines here.
For best safe results - please keep the sterilized jars with lutenitsa refrigerated.
Course: Appetizer
Cuisine: bulgarian

Nutrition Information

Calories: 71, Fat: 4g, Saturated Fat: 3g, Sodium: 354mg, Potassium: 298mg, Carbohydrates: 7g, Fiber: 2g, Sugar: 5g, Protein: 1g, Vitamin A: 3220%, Vitamin C: 122.1%, Calcium: 11%, Iron: 0.5%