Chopped Sub Sandwich

This type of sandwich became very popular on TikTok last year and apparently it is the newest way to enjoy Italian subs.

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– 4 Sub Sandwich Rolls – ▢6 oz Mortadella, chopped – ▢4 oz Italian Salami, chopped – ▢4 oz Havarti Cheese, chopped – ▢2 cups chopped Iceberg lettuce – ▢1 1/2 cups cherry tomatoes, chopped (or 1 large tomato) – ▢1/4 cup pickled banana peppers – ▢1/4 cup pickled red onions – ▢1/3 cup Mayonnaise – ▢1 tsp Mustard, optional – ▢1 tbsp Italian Seasoning, store bought or homemade, or any other seasoning of your choice – ▢1/4 tsp Salt – ▢1/8 tsp black Pepper – ▢2 tsp Apple cider vinegar

Step 1

For the mayo – Combine mayonnaise, mustard, vinegar, seasoning and salt and pepper in a bowl. (Alternatively – if the ingredients have not been chopped, chop together on the cutting board).

Step 2

Give it a stir. Place all the chopped ingredients on a cutting board and pour the dressing on top. Mix to combine.

Step 3

Divide into 4 equal portions. Fill the rolls. Your sandwiches are ready – serve and enjoy immediately.


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