Watermelon Fruit Cake – fruity and festive raw cake, made with cylinders or watermelon and decorated with seasonal fruit and berries.

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Watermelon  Fruit Cake


Prep Time: 10 Min

Cook Time: 30 MINS


– Toothpicks to secure the cake layers (optional) and to attach the fruit for decoration. – Watermelon – Berries – blueberries, raspberries, blackberries – Sliced apples or nectarines – Kiwi – as a “cake topper” – Mint to add a hint of green

Step 1

 Slice a thick piece out of the center of a (seedless) watermelon and trim the rind off. Shape it into a perfect round by removing all the white rind, it is best if you can shape it so it represents a cake layer. If you want to add a second layer, cut a similar piece, but shape it smaller. In my case I had the option of using both pink and yellow watermelon, so the yellow layers were on top.

Step 2

Depending on the fruit you have, slice the (in my case) nectarine, create a kiwi into a flower and slice any large berries (like strawberries) if needed.

Step 3

 Place the lower (larger) layer on a platter. Top with the second one. If you are concerned about the upper layer moving, insert a toothpick into the middle of the lower layer and stick the upper one onto it. (Make sure you remove any toothpicks or at least let people know of their presence before serving).

Step 4

Top the cake with berries, add the kiwi flower on top (if necessary secure it with a toothpick). Decorate with berries on the sides of the cake, secure the fruit with toothpicks.

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