Vegan Chocolate Mousse

Vegan Chocolate Mousse Recipe – made with a few simple ingredients including vegan dark chocolate and aqua faba. Smooth, silky, sweet and delicious.

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– 5 oz dark chocolate, dark chocolate – ▢3/4 cup Aquafaba – ▢25 grams 2 tbsp Powdered sweetener – ▢Fresh berries and chocolate shavings for decoration.

Step 1

Chop chocolate into small pieces. Melt chocolate over double boiler. Open a can of chickpeas and drain the Aquafaba into a large bowl.

Step 2

It should be at room temperature. Using an electric mixer whip aquafaba until stiff peaks form. It takes about 10 minutes to whip.

Step 3

Add the sugar slowly, while beating on medium speed. Fold in the chocolate gently. You may also add a few drops of vanilla extract.

Step 4

Divide the mixture between 4 glasses. Refrigerate for at least 6 hours. Top with chocolate shavings and berries. Serve.


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