Shirazi Salad

Shirazi Salad Recipe - Persian cucumber tomato and onion salad. Diced vegetables in juicy sauce, loaded with flavors. Nutritious and delicious. Serve with crusty bread, chips, meat or seafood.

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– Salad: – 3 large Roma tomatoes or 1 extra large pink tomato – 1 large English or 3 Persian cucumbers – 1/4 medium red onion – 1 tbsp chopped fresh parsley – 1 tbsp chopped fresh mint – Dressing: – 1/2 tsp salt – 1/4 tsp black pepper – 1/4 tsp dried mint – 1/4 tsp sumac – 3 tbsp lemon juice — or more to taste – 4 tbsp olive oil

Step 1

Chop onions and place in a bowl with cold water. Dice the tomatoes and cucumbers and place in a bowl. Drain the onions and add to the bowl. Add the fresh chopped herbs.

Step 2

In a bowl whisk together the salad dressing ingredients. Drizzle on top of the salad. Toss to combine. Serve or store in an air tight container in the fridge for up to 2 days.


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