Imitation Crab Salad Recipe - a crunchy, creamy and flavorful combination of imitation crab meat sticks, pickles, corn and a light garlicky mayo-yogurt dressing. 

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Imitation  Crab Salad


Prep Time: 10 Min

Cook Time: 10 Min


– 2 cups imitation crab sticks — chopped – 1 cup corn — canned sweet corn – 1 cup chopped pickles Dressing: – 1/3 cup light mayonnaise – 1/3 cup Greek yogurt – 1/2 salt — or more to taste – 1 tbsp vinegar – pinch of garlic powder – 1-2 tbsp chopped fresh dill — optional

Step 1

In a small bowl, combine the dressing ingredients and stir.

Step 2

To a bowl add the chopped surimi sticks, pickles and corn, Top with the dressing. Stir until incorporated. Serve.

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