Cucumber Radish Salad - light and easy to make, very fresh and delicious, low-carb, Keto Friendly and low calorie. The perfect side dish for steak, chicken or fish.

Cucumber Radish Salad




– 2 cups cucumbers – 2 cups radishes – 1/4 cup olive oil – 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar – 1 tsp salt – 2 tbsp dill — fresh – 2 tbsp green onions – 1/4 tsp sweetener — Erythritol for Keto, honey or agave nectar

4 servings

10 mins

Step 1

Wash and scrub radishes. Wash cucumbers. Slice cucumbers and radishes into thin slices.

Step 2

Place in a bowl.In a small bowl combine all ingredients for the dressing.

Step 3

Pour over the vegetables and stir to coat in dressing. Top with dill and green onion.

Step 4

Serve or refrigerate for up to one day.