Baileys Chocolate Martini

Baileys Chocolate Martini – chocolate lover’s heaven. A luxurious drink, that combines chocolate liqueur and Baileys Irish Cream in an elegant martini glass.

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– 4 oz Baileys Irish Cream, I used Chocolate Baileys – ▢4 oz Chocolate Liqueur – ▢8 oz Vodka – ▢4 tbsp chocolate syrup or ganache – ▢Dark chocolate, such as Lind 70% cocoa for garnishing/shaving.

Step 1

Drizzle some ganache inside the glasses and coat the rims. In a cocktail shaker, combine the ice, Baileys, Chocolate Liqueur and vodka.

Step 2

Shake a few times, then strain Ito the prepared glasses. Shave some dark chocolate.


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