Vegan Raw Matcha Cheesecake Bars Recipe

Vegan Raw Matcha Cheesecake Bars Recipe – clean, light and nutritious, these cheesecake bars are creamy and delicious.

Chunky Bite of Vegan, Raw , clean Matcha Cheesecake Bars, made with coconut cream, Agave nectar, coconut oil, matcha powder and cashews

Raw, vegan cheesecake isn’t new to me. I’ve already shared with you recipes for raw blood orange cheesecake bars and raw orange creamsicle cheesecake cupcakes. I’m a huge fan of matcha green tea powder. I use it drinks, baking and smoothies. But today’s Raw Matcha Cheesecake Bars Recipe happens to be no-bake.

So simple and easy to make, too!

Made with cashew cream, coconut cream, coconut oil and high quality matcha green tea powder, these mini dessert bars are to die for.

And the crust? Low sugar and full of fiber. Made with almonds, prunes and coconut oil. Yes, prunes instead of dates. Feel free to use dates, if you like them better, but I just prefer dried prunes for my no-bake healthy desserts.

Naturally fat free. They are lower in calorie and less sweet. They even bring a unique chewiness the crust, which is amazing.


Green Tea Powder Matcha Cheesecake Squares With Nut and Fruit Crust, on top of each other, no bake, vegan gluten free clean dessert


Of course, raw cheesecake crusts, made with prunes, are not as sticky as the ones, made with dates. I know that not everyone is a fan of plums and prunes, but they are great for raw desserts or just snacking.

Cheesecake for vegan and gluten free diet, plant based, green, cashew cream squares, bars with prune almond crust for a healthy snack


Matcha Green Tea Powder  has great health benefits, brings fresh taste to this Raw Matcha Cheesecake Bars Recipe and makes their color beautiful.

Even though, I don’t follow vegan lifestyle and my diet is all about balance, I enjoy creating vegan desserts.

I don’t make them as often as I make regular desserts though.

Raw, Vegan, plant based desserts require minimal time to make and can be stored in the freezer for weeks. This is so cool! I cut this cheesecake into smaller squares, 1 1/2×1 1/2 -inch, so they are perfect for a healthy snack.

You need to plan your time and make sure you soak the cashews for the cashew cream for at least 6 hours and you’ll need to let the raw matcha cheesecake set in the freezer for 4 hours. Everything else is easy. Just let the food processor do the work.

Hope you like these Raw Matcha Cheesecake Bars! If you like matcha, just like me, what is your favorite way to use it? I’d love to know!

Servings: 16

Raw Matcha Cheesecake Bars Recipe

Prep Time:
15 minutes
Cook Time:
6 hours
Total Time:
6 hours 15 minutes
Raw Matcha Cheesecake Bars Recipe - clean, light, fit, healthy and nutritious, these cheesecake bars are creamy and delicious.
Easy to make, Vegan, Raw , clean Matcha Cheesecake Bars, made with coconut cream, Agave nectar, coconut oil, matcha powder and cashews
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For the almond - prune crust:

For the matcha cheesecake:


For the almond - prune crust:

  1. Process prunes until small pieces are formed. Remove from processor.
  2. Process nuts until fine meal forms. Add prunes and agave nectar and process again, until crumby loose dough forms.
  3. Line a 8x8 inch square dish with parchment paper. Transfer the prune-nut mixture and pack it evenly to the bottom of the dish. Refrigerate, until you are ready to pour the cheesecake better on top.

For the matcha cheesecake:

  1. In a blender, combine soaked, rinsed and drained cashews, coconut oil, coconut cream, Agave nectar and matcha powder.
  2. Blend until smooth and creamy.
  3. Pour cheesecake batter over the crust and freeze for 4 hours.
  4. When ready to serve, cut into 16 squares. Keep frozen for up to 4 weeks.
Course: Dessert

Nutrition Information

Calories: 258, Fat: 19g, Saturated Fat: 9g, Sodium: 2mg, Potassium: 246mg, Carbohydrates: 19g, Fiber: 2g, Sugar: 10g, Protein: 5g, Vitamin A: 180%, Vitamin C: 0.3%, Calcium: 34%, Iron: 1.7%

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