How To Make Food Photography Board From Wood DIY

Ever since I started my food blog and taking food pictures I’ve wanted more backgrounds. 

It is very important to take your food photos on different boards and backgrounds, so your readers don’t get bored seeing the same background over and over again. Also using a wooden board creates more depth and texture in your photos. At first I was taking my photos on my kitchen plot and table. Than I started researching the internet to find out how to make my own photography board from wood. I just wanted to see how other people made theirs. Here are some interesting posts you can check out: and

First the materials you need :
Wood, paint and wood glue.

Wood – the first time I made my own board I bought the wood from Lowe’s. They were 3.5 inches wide and 4 ft long planks. I had them cut in half at the store. I glued them with Gorlla Wood Glue and  painted them in white using a Valspar paint sample.

The second board I made I used an old wood pallet, that my boyfriend took apart and I used the wood planks from it. To be honest it took me a long time to remove all nails form the wood. Then we had to cut 2 ft long planks, which we buffed to get even. 

Paint – It all depends on the color and finish you like. You can pick up a wood stain sample, from a home improvement store, you can get a regular paint sample or use a spray paint. Project one-I used a Valspar inter ion paint sample, project two – I used a Rust-Oleum Spray Satin Aqua .

Wood Glue – I just got Gorilla Glue Wood Glue. For the first board I made, I used 6 wood planks and I glued them together. For the second board I was lazy and did not glue them. I just arrange them on a flat surface and make sure I don’t move them around too much.

Project one:

White painted wood board using oak wood boards, 3.5 ” x 2 ft, glued together with wood glue. Wood , wood glue and paint sample purchased at Lowe’s. I apologize I don’t have any pictures of the process of making this board, since this is the very first one I did and wash’t planning on sharing in in a blog post.

Project two:

Aqua blue painted food photography board with wood from a wood pallet. You need to take the pallet apart and most likely buff the wood, since it will be rough. I painted mine with spray paint. I did not glue the wood together, which makes it much easier to take apart and store. 

If you decide to recreate project number two, you’ll need some tools to take out the nails, cut the wood and buff it.
Here is what we used: