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Favorite Baby Products 0-3 Months- a list of products I’ve been using for the first three months as a new mom.


Hi everyone!

As promised, today I’m sharing some of my favorite baby products with you.

My son is already 3 months old.

Time flies!

I just wanted to let you know, that this is a food blog and will remain one.

I’ll be sharing occasional life updates and favorite products.

If you are here for the recipes, please check my new recipe index out. Hope you find something you like.


This is not a sponsored post.

Just my honest opinion and a new first-time mom. I did purchase all products with my own money. I did not even have a baby shower.

I’ve always thought that one day, when I have children I’ll be a minimalist. I’ll not be cluttering the house with unnecessary products. I won’t buy every single colic remedy on the market.

I’ll not be purchasing a bassinet. All I’ll need to do is spend time with my kids, because they will need attention and time spent with their mother more than anything.

Well, the minimalist part never happened and I got to try all sorts of baby products. Most of these products I even got after the baby was born.

I don’t regret it.

These products made my life easier. Some of them helped me keep my sanity. That’s why, I decided to share my experience with you.

This post contains affiliate links

For Baby

UPPAbaby Vista Stroller, Jake (Black) and the UPPAbaby Mesa Infant Car Seat – any stroller on the market could have worked for me, but I decided to splurge and get the UPPAbaby Vista. I don’t regret it! It is well made, looks awesome and folds easily! It is a little bulky and heavy, but not an issue for me. What I love is that it comes with a bassinet, which we use every day. I also have their bassinet stand and use the bassinet in my living room, when baby wants to nap. Anthony will outgrow it pretty soon. (sad!). I like that you don’t need any adaptors, if you get their Mesa car seat, which I also have.

HALO Bassinet – this is the product I never thought I’ll need. It is pricey! You can only use it for a few months. But is has been my favorite baby item so far. After having an emergency c-section, it was very difficult to get up from the bed for the first 1 month. Having this awesome bassinet next to my bed has been awesome! Having my baby right next to me at night was important. I’m not sure that this is a must have, but it is something really cool to have for the first months. I can now say, when baby has gotten so big, you will not use it for more than 3 months. You make the decision…

Fisher-Price Newborn Rock ‘N Play Sleeper – we own 3 swings and 2 bouncers. This thing is amazing! Love how portable it is and the vibration option works well to soothe my baby.

aden + anais Classic Muslin Swaddle Blankets – so soft and I’ve been using them for swaddling, car seat cover and burp cloths.

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens – this monitor came up highly rated on Amazon. I decided to try it and so far so good. It comes with regular and zoom lens. I know most video monitors have pretty bad reviews and I have not used this one for a long time, but I hope I have no issues with it.

Baby Shusher – I saw this cool item, when I took my son for his newborn photo shoot. It really helped calm the baby and keep him asleep. (Photos turned out perfect!). I guess someone recorded a “shushing sound” and now is selling this cool baby soother. I’ve been using it daily, when baby is fussy or to help him fall asleep at night.

Newborn Zipper Sleepers– zipper sleepers, so easy to put on, love them!

Boppy Lounger – baby likes laying on this pillow. I usually place it on my bed. He also used to nap in it, (not recommended!) during the first month. It is easy to wash and perfect for traveling.

Angelcare Bath Support – This is something my husband bought for the baby, when he was 5 days old. We were too scared to give him a bath (even sponge bath), when we came back from the hospital. We loved this bath support, it worked for sponge baths for a few days and after the umbilical corf fell, we’ve been using it inside the bathtub. Baby loves it, too.

Gerber Soothe Colic Drops – these probiotic drops have been working to calm baby’s stomach aches. He doesn’t have a bad stomach every day, but it happens at least twice a week. I give hin the colic drops every day.

Gripe Water – The only thing that has helped with gas and fussiness.

Soft Tiles Foam Playmat – We just started using this one and I love it! I picked up the black/white pattern and it looks amazing with all the colorful baby toys, that we put over it. It is sturdy and definitely worth it!

Baby Bjorn Bouncer – I recently started putting him on this bouncer. No batteries or electricity required. Great for traveling. What I’ve noticed it that if I put the baby on it for 10 minutes in the morning, it helps him poop, which means happy baby for the rest of the day!

Activity Gym – this activity gym is lightweight, easy to fold and does not take a lot of space. Great for traveling, too!

Boppy Nursing Pillow – We’ve used this one more for tummy time than for nursing.

Mam Pacifiers – baby won’t take another pacifier. He has a few Wabba Nub pacifiers, but only likes to touch the toys and prefers to suck on the Mam brand.

Dr. Brown Bottles – I love these bottles. They really reduce gas and colic. The cons is that they do have a lot of parts to wash. But I still prefer them to other brands I tried (I purchased two different kinds and had a company sent me some to try, but Dr. Brown’s are my favorite)

Boon Grass – a cool looking drying rack for baby bottles.

4 Moms Breeze Playard – this Playard looks cool. I sometimes put baby  nap on it during the day. I have it in the living room downstairs and have put a changing pad on it, so I can do quick diaper changes there.

Fisher Price 2-in-1 Projection Mobile – baby is starking to pay attention to the lights, toys and music ad we love this mobile!

Baby Bandana Drool Bib – we get a lot of drooling… I change like 6-7 bibs per day! Love these and the colors are nice!

Fisher-Price Kick N Play Crib Piano – Love the music that this toy has!

La Maze Clip & Go Firefly – great toy for touch and feel!

For Me

Coconut oil – I use coconut oil as a body moisturizer. I used it throughout the pregnancy and have no stretch marks! Love it! Natural and inexpensive! I use it on my baby, too, instead of baby oils.

Vitamin E Oil – you can add it to lotions or use it on its own.

Boba Wrap – my son loves to be carried, but I can not hold him all the time. I own two baby carriers – the Boba wrap and Ergo Baby. The Ergo is a little bulky and I use it while outside. The Boba is perfect for carrying inside the house (and anywhere). It keeps my baby calm.

Belly Bandit – I got it a day or two, before I had my son. Followed the sizing info on the website and Small was perfect for me. I was able to put it on a week after the c-section. It has helped shrink my belly tremendously and it has been a great post surgery support. I own it in black and nude.

Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads – thanks to these pads, I never have to worry about leaks.

Lansinoh Lanolin – a must have for sore nipples. This is one of the items that helped me continue breastfeeding, because I was ready to give up during the first two weeks.

Medela Breast Milk Storage Bags – love that you can pump directly into these. Saving time on washing bottles. I prefer them to the Lansinoh ones. I rarely give my son frozen milk and I’ve slowed down the number of times I pump per day.

Diaper Rash Cream – This cream is made in Ireland and was recommended by my baby’s pediatrician for his diaper rash during the first weeks. It works wonders! I was able to find it in a local Polish store, but then I realized it is cheaper to buy it on Amazon.

This post got so long, because at first I was plannning to do baby favorites for just the first month. Then I got busy and decided to combine everything for the first 3 months in on post. I just kept adding things, which we used and seemed to work.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!


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  1. Wow! Super helpful info, Mira! We’re only 2 months away from the birth of our daughter, so this is perfect timing. I’ve been wondering if the baby shusher is worth it – good to know that it actually works! It’s also nice to know that some of the things you listed, I’ve already purchased (I have the Mira and Anthony stamp of approval) 😉

    1. Hey Kathleen, only 2 months? So exciting! Can’t wait to see her! Let me know if any questions, we kind of got a lot of stuff, but the ones listed are the ones we useds the most! Love the shusher, it helps him calm down even now, when he is 3 months old. Of course you can play the “shusher sound” on your phone, on youtube, but my battery dies so quickly and I’m often on the phone, so having a separate device is really nice!

  2. Hi Mira! Have I shared with you that I’m pregnant too? About the same number of weeks as Kathleen above – 31!

    So THANK YOU for this post. It’s really helpful to see what others have found useful. It’s a bit bewildering when you start thinking through all the buying options. For the moment I’ve just got the basics, but this helps a lot.

    Going to click over to your birth story now. How did I miss that?

  3. Hey Helen, CONGRATULATIONS to you and your family! I’m so happy ! I just saw your cute picture with the baby bump on Facebook the other day and I was going to email you to say “congrats”! How are you feeling? Hope everything is going well! So nice you and Kathleen are about the same weeks pregnant! My sister is also expecting a baby girl at about the same time, she is 30 weeks 🙂 I’m very excited for you ladies! It is definitely best to start with the basics (this is what I did) and then add stuff if you need it, after the baby arrives. No need to purchase unnecessary things, that are going to take a lot of space and are not going to come into use 🙂 Good luck and take care! Will keep in touch 🙂