Easter Bread Muffins

Easter Bread Muffins – unique muffins, inspired by my favorite Easter Bread recipe. Sweet, with texture similar to brioche, flavored with vanilla extract and lemon zest, these muffins are a must at your Easter table. Cute and festive, topped with pastel colored sprinkles.


With Easter just around the corner I’ happy to share this Easter Bread Muffins recipe with you.

Honestly, I’ve been making these throughout the year! I love their taste and fluffy texture. They are also super easy to¬†make, if you follow my instructions.

And don’t be scared about the use of yeast! Make sure you activate it according the instructions and you should be fine.

When baking bread muffins like these or breads, I like to use good quality ingredients for best results.

My favorite flour to use in these recipes is Bob’s Red Mill’s Unbleached White Organic All Purpose Flour [1]. And I’m happy to report that I always have had a huge success¬†using this brand.

Organic Unbleached White Flour is freshly milled from Organic hard red wheat. Both the bran and the germ have been removed leaving the endosperm that is made into white flour. It is not enriched with any additives.


This is the same high protein flour used by professional bakers and produces high, well-textured loaves of bread equally as well as it produces light, airy baked goods.

Good quality flour is a must to create the perfect baked goods. If you’d like to impress your family and guests around the holidays, I recommend that you try Bob’s Red Mill Flours.

Growing up, Easter was my second favorite holiday, right after Christmas.

My Grandma is a great baker and we used to bake together the whole day and even part of the night before Easter, because she had to bake so many Easter breads for the whole family. That’s how I learned some of my Easter recipes. Thanks Grandma!


And I love Easter because it usually marks the beginning of Spring. Just the thought that the weather is going to warm up and all the beautiful pastel colors of this holiday make me happy! Plus Easter egg coloring, I still feel like a kid when I have to color eggs!


What Easter recipes are you planning to make this year? Let me know!

Make sure you get your $1 OFF COUPON for a Bob’s Red Mill Product HERE [2].

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